Your current ERP is big and complicated? Let us extract for you what is most important!

Big Data,
Big Problem?

Trust our many years of experience in designing systems tailored to specific Business Processes.

Accelerate the work of your employees and gain greater control over changes

Seal your company’s budget and plan future costs


Space is able to import and process any files that are listed for it.

You do not want to give up your ERP, but you need more? Space is the basis on which our experienced team of IT specialists will build a platform that meets your needs

Features of SPACE

SPACE was created to solve problems typical for large companies.

Improve the work of your departments, and most importantly, it allows full control of expenses and identification of the author of any change in the system.

In times of thorough audits, SPACE is at the height of the task.


Problem solving application

Chaos in Sales?

Manage all orders, planned actions and calendar from one place. Take care of your client with SPACE.

Bad Coordination?

A common database will smooth departments cooperation. All company data in one place!

Missed Investments?

Real time KPI calculation allow you to estimate the risk and return from the promotional campaigns.

Competitiveness Lack?

Stay up to date with the prices of the competition. React fast to changing market

Budget Shortages?

Supervise budgets of your actions. Analyze risk and opportunities to maintain financial liquidity.

Unrealised Orders?

Plan promotions with information on basic sales and the size of your stocks to prevent shortages.

Advanced Planning system

Customer Relation Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

We are a team of programmers with experience in economics and business as well as high technologies. Our experienced business analyst will help you to research the demand for software in your company and propose the most necessary elements. Contact us and let SPACE help your company.


They trusted us:

They trusted us:

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